Jailbreak is focused on businesses bottom lines. We do this through search engine optimization, email marketing and social media. Our primary focus is SEO because search engines have more impact on your busines than any other internet marketing tool available. We do not accept every client because we believe in working with the companies who have the most to gain from our services and the ambition to grow. We use the same tactics for capturing leads on our own business that we deliver to our clients. We practice what we preach. With over 15 years in the industry we have seen every fad and scheme in the book. The bottom line is that we know what works, and we rank our clients websites into the number one position on google.


Search Engine Optimization

As long as people continue to use Google, SEO will still be one of the most effective tools to reach customers already searching for you. We research your industry, build the content you need and help you position your business as a thought leader. We gain the links needed to rank your site as an indusry authority, build the trust google wants to see to rank your pages highly, and connect your business to highly relevant website traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Sometimes, customers are not aware of your business and you need to get in front of them. We use a variety of techniques and leverage social media to get in front of potential customers who are just learning who you are. Leveraging web 2.0 sites is the natural partner to seo. Social signals are often just as important as positive rankings in todays world of smart search engines and local targeted results. Things like reviews, citations and social media brand story are critical to managing brand reputation and mobile search presence.


Focused Search Presence

Our internet marketing agency helps your business develop a focused search presence and get found by people searching for you. Search Engine Optimization is the most powerful vehicle available for this purpose. Instead of traditional advertising that will expose your business to an audience who is not interested in your products, seo will get you in front of people already looking for you. That reason alone is why we focus on seo as our core service. Are you ready to talk to targeted leads who are ready to buy right now?

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We Wear The Grey Hat

White hat seo is safe, but its also slow, and sometimes it won’t get you off page two in compeditive search terms. Black hat seo is fast, but can cost your business big time when google hands out penalties for spam rankings. We are a grey hat seo company who believes in a strong long lasting foundational seo approach mixed with cutting edge tricks and techniques for getting things to rank higher faster. We will never risk your business to give you temporary rankings.

Long Tail Optmization

We believe in optimizing our clients for the long-tail of seo keywords to get the most effective reach out of our efforts. Some companies only promise to rank a single term, or charge clients based on ranking for a single phrase. We seek to dominate the search results pages for your company in every variation of every target phrase.

Progress Reports  & ROI

Once we establish your baseline of traffic from search engines and your existing search rankings we will deliver regular reports showing you what is happening with your rankings and traffic. We use simple equations to help you figure out exactly how much money we are making you. There will never be a mystery about where your money has been spent or what we are doing to get you results.


Jailbreak is a team of innovative internet marketing professionals who help businesses just like yours get online and get chosen over your competitors.

We transform businesses with search engine optimization, social media, and digital advertising.

We believe in measuring revenue, profits, and conversions. Not impressions, website clicks, or page visits. We are serious about making you a profit.

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