11 Aug

Church Web Design Company

A new project Jailbreak is actively working on is TrueLife Church Web Design. TrueLife.org, a startup that Jailbreak has been working with since its inception, provides outreach and evangelism tools for churches. Starting off with just 7 participating churches, TrueLife has grown to partner with more than 2,000 churches in the last few years. Many of the churches involved have seen dramatic church growth as a direct result of involvement in the program. Over the course of helping encourage evangelism and helping to facilitate millions of church invitations all over the United States, another need in the church community has become apparent to founder Jesse Connors, and lead developer Aaron Mills. Good church websites.  read more

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06 Aug

[INFOGRAPHIC] Email Marketing Facts Small Business Owners Should Know

The buzzword of the day is social media. Small business owners are struggling to keep up with the quickly changing marketing landscape of the last two decades. Email Marketing, once known as the Rolls Royce of digital marketing has taken a back seat to the new edgy world of social media.

In a room full of marketing experts, there is no faster way to suck the oxygen out of the room than to mention anything “social”. There is nothing more over-hyped or more misunderstood than social media marketing. Meanwhile more traditional methods of digital marketing such as email marketing are continuing to grow, with the vast majority of marketing experts continuing to increase email marketing activity with no end in sight. read more

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28 Jul
24 Jul
20 Jul

Relationship based sales using lead nurturing

Lead Nurturing is about building effective relationships with people in all stages of the buying journey. Before people purchase a product or service they do research online. Search results and social proof such as reviews and recommendations play a big role in what people buy.

“Search engine based leads close 14 times more often than leads from direct mail campaigns”

According to Marketo leads take on average 327 days to become sales. In that 11 months people will come into contact with information about a brand and its products or services in a variety of places. Beyond just traditional advertising, which raises brand awareness, people are talking about products on yelp and google local. Customers are creating pin boards on pinterest of products they would like to buy. Angie’s List is recommending service companies to local purchasers.

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18 Jul
17 Jul
15 Jul

SEO for Dummies

Search Engine Optmization, or SEO for short, is a method of helping websites get more traffic from search engines.  According to a study by Groupon  64% of web traffic for most websites from from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Improving search visibility is one of the best ways to increase website traffic.


Search Engines deliver 300X more content to websites than social media. 


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15 Jul

Use keyword research to power your business blog

Keywords and phrases in your web content make it possible for people to find your site in search engines. Some of the most common keywords are about questions and problems people want to find solutions for.

  • “How do I program my universal remote?”
  • “Where is the nearest dry cleaner that does overnight turn around?”
  • “Roofing Contractors Lynchburg VA”
  • “What to do if I drop my iphone in a toilet?!?!”

People are more likely to search for a solution than a branded business or product name. If someone drops a cell phone in the toilet in Cleveland Ohio they are more likely to search for “How to fix iphone dropped in toilet” than to search for  “Cell Phone Medic Cleveland Ohio”.


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14 Jul

6 best practices for the small business blog

If I had a nickle for every blank stare I have received from small business owners when we talk to them about blogging, I would have at least two dollars.

What is it about blogging that turns the small business owners face to an instant frown? I don’t believe its because they don’t like blogs. I think it’s because no one has ever explained why a blog is critical to the success of small business marketing.

A blog? Isn’t that something teenagers use to write about a recent relationship gone wrong or when people pretend to be journalists?

Your business can profit from a blog

Many businesses approach blogging the wrong way. They post news releases about recently won contracts, reasons why someone should consider their company for doing business or making a purchase. These are not the purpose of a small business blog.

The purpose is to generate revenue and foster better customer relationships.


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